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Wire-Wrapped Sterling Silver Five-Pearl Ring, with Natural AAA Grade Cultured 3mm Pearls

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These rings are wire-wrapped entirely by hand by me using solid sterling silver wire and five natural AAA grade cultured pearls. I use two pieces of wire to create these rings, with one wire going through the pearl beads and another that I wrap around to create the band of the ring. They are then hand-hammered using a ring mandrel to size them. The pearls are the highest-grade pearls available and are 3mm in size. They are cultured pearls.

I was inspired by the chic and dainty styles of vintage and antique rings. I have included many images of this ring, showing it worn on various fingers and also stacked if you purchased two or had another ring.

The sterling silver wire has not been coated with anything. The sterling silver may change color slightly over time, taking on a grayer appearance known as "patina." This is totally natural and varies depending on how often you wear the ring, where you store it, or your own skin chemistry. I include a yellow polishing cloth with each order for you to polish the metal of the ring to make it as shiny as you want. I advise avoiding the pearls when polishing so as not to scratch them.

All sales of rings are final. I am not responsible for wear and tear of the ring over time. Please do not squeeze the ring on and off your finger or bend it in and out of shape as this may cause a weak point in the wire over time causing it to possibly snap. I recommend removing this ring before swimming, using hand lotion, doing dishes, or showering to preserve the natural luster of the pearls.

Please select your ring size from the menu. If your size is not in stock, please email me and I would be happy to make a custom. Please be sure of your ring size before ordering as I cannot accept returns based on an incorrect ring size order.