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Rush Brook Studio

Sterling Silver Wire-Wrapped Sleeping Beauty Blue Turquoise Pendant

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I have wrapped this gorgeous natural Sleeping Beauty turquoise stone in bright sterling silver wire. It would look beautiful on anyone, and is a great gift for anyone who loves unique, high-quality crystals and gemstones! It would also be a wonderful gift for someone with a December birthday, as turquoise is the birthstone for that month! Sleeping Beauty is one of the most desirable turquoise mines, coveted for its natural bright, robin's egg blue color. The mine, located in Arizona, has been closed for a number of years, meaning the only material left on the market is what has already been mined. This piece of Sleeping Beauty turquoise has been stabilized, which means a small amount of epoxy resin has been added to the very soft turquoise to make it sturdier and better to wear in jewelry. This is a very common practice in turquoise mining and cutting.

MEASUREMENTS: 1 3/8" x 3/8"

MATERIALS: Sterling silver wire, stabilized Sleeping Beauty turquoise (Arizona)

This pendant comes with a complimentary adjustable Sterling Silver chain.

Over time, Sterling Silver may take on a darker color. Each purchase from my shop comes with a complimentary yellow polishing cloth, which you may use at any time to polish your piece. (The cloth will still work even as it gets darker; do not wash the polishing cloth.) When polishing, try to avoid the stone so as not to scratch it. Please do not wear in the shower or pool. There may be small imperfections on the stone. I have done my best to photograph it fully.

Please do not manipulate or bend the wire around the stone, or push on the stone, as it may affect the integrity of the piece and cause it to become unstable.